Ark Veterinary Surgery

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We specialize in treating and caring for small family pets and provide:


In an urban environment, we recommend thorough vaccination of all dogs, cats and rabbits. This involves a primary course for puppies, kittens and kits and then follow-ups with yearly boosters. The purpose is to protect your pet against lethal and debilitating diseases.

Lungworm Treatment

Lungworm is a recent disease that has spread very quickly throughout the country. Dogs pick it up when they ingest slugs or snails and when they eat grass. Symptoms are usually vague but this disease is fatal if left untreated. A thorough preventive medicine program against lungworm is as important as getting your pets vaccinated.


We recommend neutering

Fleas: Treatment & Prevention

Fleas Prevention and treatment of fleas is achieved using a variety of methods. These include spot ons, injections, collars, pills and sprays for the environment. The appropriate treatment or preventive protocol is specific to each clinical situation. Please call for advice.

Pet Nutrition

We are happy to give advice on pet nutrition. Ark Veterinary Clinic stocks a selection of recommended pet foods that you can collect from our Chislehurst surgery.

Emergency Treatments

When emergencies arise we are on hand to help – just call us on 020 8467 0600 to access our emergency and out of hours service.


We strongly recommend insurance as ever increasing technology has lead to spiralling costs. We can provide puppies and kittens with a FREE Four-week Pet Plan policy when you bring them in for their first vaccinations. We believe that Pet Plan offers the best value for money.

Pet Passports

The pet passport process includes microchipping and a rabies vaccination in order to issue an EU pet passort. Travel to countries outside the EU has a bewildering number of differing requirements depending on which country you are travelling to. It is best to allow plenty of time for us to advise you properly as the regulations are extremely strict.